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Saving for College

Funding the dream of higher education.

Funding the dream of higher education.

A higher education is often considered one of the most important investments you can make in a child's future. However, many families find themselves discouraged by the steep price tag. 

At South Carolina Federal Investment Solutions, through CFS*, we want to help you give your child or grandchild the gift of education. Our financial advisors will help you review your options and answer your questions, such as "what is a 529 plan?" and "can a 529 plan affect my child's chance of receiving financial aid?"**

Together, we can make higher education more attainable for your family. 

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**There are fees associated with 529 savings plans. Investments in 529s involve investment risks. You should consider your financial needs, goals, and risk tolerance prior to investing. More information about 529 plans can be found in the issuer's official statement or plan disclosure document, which should be read carefully prior to investing. Most 529 plans are sponsored and administered by states. State tax benefits vary among the states and some offer residents additional tax benefits if they invest in their own state plan. Consult a qualified tax professional for more information.