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It's Time to Embrace the Elephant in the Room:

Planning for Your Retirement 

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Retirement. It means something different to each of us. When you're 25, you feel like you have "all the time in the world." When you're 65, it seems right around the corner. But, retirement is not just about leaving the workforce; it is about entering a new phase of your life. What do you want that phase to look like?

Whether you feel like retirement planning is a looming concern too big to tackle alone or are ready to welcome it with open arms, the only way to be certain is to…

Embrace the elephant in the room. 

What makes retirement planning the elephant in the  room? 

Acording to a recent Gallup poll**, 66% of Americans are worried they do not have enough money for retirement. This fear causes many people to avoid planning for retirement, ignoring BIG questions such as:

✓  When can I retire?
  How long will my retirement savings need to last? 
✓  What do I need to save to retire comfortably?
✓  Where will my income in retirement come from?
✓  Where do I start?

We are here to guide you every step of the way.  

At South Carolina Federal Investment Solutions, through CFS*, we are here to help you craft your retirement strategy and create an achievable plan based on your wants, needs, and goals. Together we will:

Assess your

financial situation.

Set clear

retirement goals.

Create a 

personalized plan.

Get answers to

your questions.

Take the first step: schedule a complimentary retirement review.

Thank you!

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